Çeliktrans Shipyard has been built and managed with maximum respect to human health, safety and environmental protection. We adopt protective and preventive culture for Accupational Healt and Safety. We review the working procedures and principles of the control element. We have integrated into occupational health and safety issues of basic education programs. We provide vocational training with the strengthening of occupational health and safety process. Occupational health and safety and on the creation of a new corporate structure, we pay attention to the coexistence of many parameters. First, with the participation of the security approach set out Çeliktrans Shipyard workers take all the safety precautions that should be in line with the safety and health plan. In order to work more safely, we aim to create a culture of safety, combining it with production. Together with safety of all employees, including subcontractors , education and emergency, we have the responsibility of carrying consciousness in preventing occupational diseases.

Occupational Safety Occupational Safety Occupational Safety Occupational Safety


Çeliktrans Shipyard manufactures the world's best fishing vessels. Çeliktrans has ISO quality certificates 9001,14001,18001. Çeliktrans adapts the quality of the work culture and continues to move towards becoming a global brand.